What does your garden grow? What COULD it grow? And how can the two combine to bring forth the garden of your dreams? My job is to help you answer these questions, using my comprehensive knowledge of ornamental plants. Whether you’re looking to bring order to a derelict shrub planting, or to add or renovate a perennial border, or to make something of a semi-natural garden area that’s become a playground for invasive exotic plants, or to develop ideas and plans for your entire yard — I can provide advice, assistance, and PLANTS.

Your Place, Your Garden

As a trained and experienced ecologist, horticulturist, botanist, and plant enthusiast, with a deep understanding of plant ecology and an expansive knowledge of plant material (and a boffo collection of plants), I delight in working with homeowners to create gardens that harmoniously express the unique particulars of their place. I also enjoy collaborating with other landscape designers and architects as a plant material consultant (I can usually think of lots of plants to meet your design goals). I look forward to talking with you about creating the garden of YOUR dreams. You are welcome to phone or email me to discuss possibilities or to schedule a consultation. You might also find it useful to walk through the design questionnaire located on this site.

Garden Advice, Design, & Maintenance

I can help you in the garden by taking inventory of your property’s vegetation, conditions, and surroundings; by talking with you about your vision for your garden (its look, its feel, its functions); by suggesting plants, plantings, features, and gardening strategies that will suit your property and realize your vision; by putting this all on paper in a design; or (if you wish) by donning my gardening duds and making the vision into reality (or by assisting you as you do same). From planning to digging to planting to pruning to mulching to weeding to invoking the horticultural deities — whatever it takes.

Special Plants for Your Special Place

I grow and sell many of the best ornamental plants for New England gardens at Odyssey Bulbs and Odyssey Perennials. Many are not available elsewhere in the region, or even in the country.